Southsource Combines Market Expertise with RealtyAds Targeting to Quadruple Broker Reach


Southsource is a group of Commercial Real Estate advisors providing creative solutions in an increasingly demanding office market. By practicing radical transparency and performing with extreme flexibility, Southsource cultivates community among all of its partners.

Southsource particularly excelled at leveraging new exposure avenues through the Westside Provisions District property. The Atlanta market was conditioned to believe this boutique asset was continually 100% occupied, and Southsource had to re-educate them about several availabilities to enable leasing and find more deals. The team had been in contact with a couple of regular tenant brokers for other assets but still needed traction for a particular smaller boutique space within Westside Provisions.

Southsource knew the audience they needed to get in front of, and sought the most effective way to reach them.


Southsource realized they needed a more effective way to get their messaging in front of “the right brokers.” As a result, they turned to RealtyAds for a proactive approach to staying top of mind and relevant within the Atlanta brokerage community. RealtyAds essential software builds a dedicated digital presence on all major ad networks with the push of a button, helping assets find, advance, and close more deals.

To be even more proactive, Southsource began building their target audience. They understand it is not how many eyes they could reach but how many of the “right eyes” they could reach that would help them lease space. So, in addition to gathering a TIM’s list curated specifically for Westside Provisions, they also pulled together a detailed list of individual brokers in Atlanta that had active requirements of clients looking for space in the Midtown submarket.

By leveraging RealtyAds targeting features, Southsource successfully put their asset directly in front of the brokers currently working on assignments in the submarket. The team paired their in-depth market expertise and knowledge with the direct targeting functions provided by the RealtyAds software to ensure they were reaching critical audiences, including tenant brokers and end-users, at the right time.


After only 72 hours of Westside Provisions digital presence being live with Southsource’s customized target audience, one of the hyper-targeted brokers had reached out to Southsource to inquire about the boutique property for one of their clients. They shared with Southsource they would never have known about the opportunity at Westside Provisions without its abundant digital presence. In addition, the client they planned to share the space with was currently looking to transition from remote to in-office, and they had learned Westside Provisions had many differentiations that are important to the client. Shortly after, the broker toured the space with Southsource, requesting a proposal to share with their client and advance the deal.


In today’s market, commercial real estate professionals must be proactive with their leasing and marketing approach. The Southsource team leveraged their network, experience, and knowledge to reach the right audience at the right time, gaining exposure for their asset.

Reaching brokers is one of, if not the most, important factors in leasing space. While some may reach some brokers through open houses, email marketing, postcards, and more, many fail to do so in a scalable, consistent, and trackable way. Of course, the industry will always need the personal touch of these strategies, but if you want to find, advance, and close more deals at your asset, you need to pair your expertise with an algorithm like RealtyAds.

RealtyAds today delivers on the next generation of marketing expectations. If your clients aren't already asking you to provide real metrics for direct outreach and impressions, they will be, they should be and this allows you to deliver. This is the best platform in the market today, the team has real industry experience and the support has been awesome. In addition to the clear value creation, plugging in RealtyAds to your marketing strategy provides an overall savings.

Lawrence Gellerstedt

President | Southsource

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