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Proprietary Process, Data, and Technology that Drives Quantifiable Results

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Compete for Prospects at the Highest Level

It's a Digital World

Leasing and marketing 101 is reaching the right audiences, and digital channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Instagram offer the greatest concentration of decision-makers. In fact, 88% of decision-makers use social media today to learn more about an offering before purchasing. RealtyAds' proprietary, AI-powered process is helping our clients improve their reach to targeted audiences by an average of 480%.

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Why RealtyAds
Market Intel is Power

Advance Leasing Through Prospect and Broker Data

The Highest Quality Audiences in Real Estate

RealtyAds is helping leasing teams use their market expertise to better engage prospects. Know a tenant in the market? Enter it into RealtyAds, and the AI will find and engage those decision-makers. Don't know exactly who to reach? Leverage RealtyAds proprietary data to reach new tenants earlier in the prospect's journey. To date, RealtyAds AI has identified more than 11,500 tenants who were later verified by leasing teams as top prospects.

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Organic Product-Market Fit, Broker and Marketer Approved

Proven Technology

Unlike most technology firms, RealtyAds' growth has been organic. Our clients have scaled the business to over 100 markets in 5 countries based on RealtyAds' unique ability to build an effective, scalable, and safe digital strategy. The technology cannot be replicated by any human effort, given the amount of data sources it ingests every minute to optimize performance. Get RealtyAds to drive unrivaled market awareness, giving you the best chance of turning prospects into clients.

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Proven Technology

It's time to modernize your go to market strategy

The RealtyAds Blueprint Helps Clients Find, Advance, and Close

Find new customers through proprietary targeting functionality that gets properties in front of brokers and prospective tenants efficiently and effectively.

RealtyAds is the only technology in CRE that can effectively reach both brokers and decision-makers to deliver a property's message directly to the people who influence leasing activity.


Advance prospects through the leasing funnel by engaging decision-makers and their brokers as critical leasing decisions are made, ultimately keeping a property relevant to the most important people at the most vital times.

Our software equips a property with the ability to reach decision-makers throughout the entire transaction, and, in doing so, steer the narrative towards the building rather than just economics. These sustained touchpoints to the entire decision-making committee are a crucial advantage of RealtyAds and improve the close rate in commercial real estate.


Close more transactions by creating an educated prospect who is uniquely informed of your property's key features, has grown confident in your value proposition through months of outreach, and now has the conviction to sign a lease. A more educated prospect is 131% more likely to transact.

For every $1 invested in RealtyAds, the software is helping to close an additional $874 in lease revenue.