DRA Advisors Choose RealtyAds to Better Market Properties



DRA Advisors, its partners, and 3rd Party leasing teams relied on traditional forms of commercial real estate (CRE) marketing, such as e-blasts, open houses, and broker entertainment, to promote their assets. However, they recognized that this CRE marketing playbook was stale. It was a struggle to consistently stay top of mind and relevant to the brokerage community, difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition, and in the end, these methods were failing to reach the most important segment of their target audience: the end-user.


DRA Advisors’ asset management team was introduced to the power of digital advertising with RealtyAds. The team quickly realized and adopted the RealtyAds platform – engaging a hyper-targeted marketing tool that drives more exposure for less money than any other marketing tool available. DRA and their leasing teams could now proactively target and reach the audience of their choosing on the platforms this audience prefers to use (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google).

After entering a Portfolio Solutions Contract, DRA’s partners and 3rd party leasing teams directed RealtyAds to 15 assets in the DRA portfolio that could use an immediate increase in market exposure. Within just 30 days of executing this contract, these 15 assets had an online presence that was distributed across the internet to the most effective marketing platforms in the world.

Below are preliminary results across one asset managers portfolio of 4 properties:


RealtyAds has opened the door to proactively reach end-users and exponentially increased DRA’s portfolio reach to brokers across the market. DRA assets have gained a competitive advantage with an online presence powered by RealtyAds.

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We are constantly looking for better ways to market our properties and raise awareness. RealtyAds helps increase our market exposure and keep our buildings top of mind in the brokerage community and to end-user prospects.

John Walker

Asset Manager | DRA Advisors

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