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RealtyAds Technology helps commercial real estate transact with greater success by generating unrivaled, targeted, and consistent outreach to critical audiences through the world’s most effective marketing channels


100% of Brokers and Prospects Are Online - Can You Afford Not to Be?

The RealtyAds Platform is helping real estate transact more successfully by transforming how commercial real estate assets communicate with the market. By pushing 1 button, RealtyAds artificial intelligence (RITA) will launch, manage, and optimize an online presence across all relevant digital channels - assisting leasing efforts with meaningful market reach, to the right people, during the most critical parts of the transaction.

Why Pursuit Marketing?

1 RealtyAds is The Most Effective Medium To Reach Brokers Reach Brokers
2 RealtyAds is The Most Effective Medium To Reach Tenants Reach Tenants
3 RealtyAds is The Most Consistent Medium To Communicate Communicate

What's the problem with the status quo?

Real estate owners invest heavily in content creation. However, there is no effective medium for content distribution. The result is great content that too many tenants and brokers never see.

RealtyAds technology fixes this imbalance. RealtyAds is the most effective medium to reach target audiences such as local brokers, the nation's highest grossing brokers, tenants in market, and so on. If you have a message to deliver in real estate, RealtyAds will be the most efficient medium to communicate that message to the market. Not only will this help justify your investment in content creation, but routinely reaching your pursuits will help your team transact more successfully.



RITA, or RealtyAds Intelligent Technology Assistant, is here to help.

Born from years of software engineering, RITA is what separates RealtyAds from a media buyer or advertising agency. RealtyAds proprietary artificial intelligence makes digital marketing effortless and effective to independently manage, even if your team has no experience in the craft. RITA will launch, manage, and optimize your online presence with the push of 1 button. What's more, through the automation and cloud-based software RITA powers, RealtyAds can deliver market leading exposure to an extremely targeted audience at a dramatically lower price point than the competition.


Industry Leading Terms & Flexibility

  • Readily Build & Launch a Digital Presence
  • Adjust Target Audiences in Real-time
  • Only 6 Month Minimum Term Length
  • Realtime Data Analytics & Exposure Reporting
  • Unlimited Changes to Ad Design & Content
  • Reputation Management Included at All Price Points
For large-scale landlords

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Satisfied Clients

"The RealtyAds Platform is not only simple but very effective in getting in front of our target audience. The properties we market using RealtyAds are in front of brokers in a different way than previous methods with the added bonus of reaching our tenants on a direct basis as well."

Jonathon W. Cordell

Executive Vice President, CBRE

"We were lucky enough to learn about RealtyAds earlier this year and their technology has filled a gaping hole in the commercial real estate market. The industry was traditionally marketing through email, events and through commercial real estate websites until RealtyAds! Now we can get more exposure for our buildings and directly target the people and industries we want in an efficient way. Putting our money into this platform is a no brainer and it shows in the results. Their team of professionals have been nothing but helpful, responsive and hands-on throughout the process. I highly recommend adding this to your suite of products as a marketing professional or broker!"

Victoria Richardson

Marketing Manager, Colliers

"With RealtyAds, we can now proactively apply our in-depth market knowledge in order to get our listings in front of the C-Suite decision-makers we couldn't reach previously. It’s a great opportunity for us to continue to increase our brand awareness and push our availability to the marketplace."

Heather Harris

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Corporex

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