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Who We Are
Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

A Business Model Built for You

With domain expertise in both commercial real estate and computer engineering, our founders built RealtyAds in 2019. They created a framework that dramatically improves how commercial real estate finds, advances, and closes transactions.

Fast forward to today, and our team's unwavering efforts have propelled RealtyAds in the marketplace as an effective leasing enablement solution, enhanced the software's capabilities, and helped thousands of customers close more than $3 billion in lease transactions.

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Real Solutions Built from Real Experience

RealtyAds' brand has immense relatability to our customer base. As a former broker, I have experienced problems in the CRE sales process, which led to the creation of RealtyAds. Many of our leadership roles are held by former brokers, asset managers, and marketers. We want to ensure our team can provide the necessary assistance to help CRE professionals find, advance, and close more deals."

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Domain Expertise

Digital First

Compete for Tenants at the Highest Level

Commercial real estate was falling behind other industries and could not compete for tenants at the highest possible level. RealtyAds' founders realized if we continue to prioritize outdated and inefficient strategies, we would never successfully combat vacancy. So, RealtyAds was the first company to leverage digital channels to enhance market awareness, increase leasing activity, and optimize profitability.

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