Proprietary Functionality

Data-Driven, AI-Fueled,
and Optimized in Real-Time

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Data-Driven Leasing Activity

If the first generation of PropTech was dedicated to centralizing data, the second generation of PropTech is about leveraging that data to your benefit. RealtyAds is leading this second wave of PropTech firms by leveraging data to automatically power a client acquisition strategy that helps accomplish your goals.

Proprietary Data

Accurate Data to Reach More Critical Audiences

With over 5 billion people online, accurate targeting data allows you to filter your audience to the right individuals.

This concept makes RealtyAds' industry-leading targeting data, updated by the minute through an extensive infrastructure of APIs, essential. The data quality, the frequency at which it's updated, and how RealtyAds artificial intelligence can ingest so much data so quickly immediately set RealtyAds software apart from a traditional agency or a competitive company offering "the same paid digital advertising."

AI Improved and Proprietary Targeting Functionality

Seamlessly Target Prospective Tenants to
Enhance Leasing Efforts

RealtyAds' leasing enablement software leverages more than a billion data points and 25+ proprietary targeting features to help better connect vacant spaces to prospective tenants.

  • Real-time control of your target audience
  • Automated audience improvements made by RealtyAds artificial intelligence
  • Proprietary targeting functionality no other digital advertiser can offer
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Enhanced Reporting

Experience Real-Time Return on Investment

Gone are the days of guessing what's working in leasing and marketing budgets. Too much spend has been wasted for too little return. RealtyAds provides real-time success metrics that demonstrate an easily justifiable return on your investment.

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