RealtyAds Champion, Brookfield Properties, Successfully Combats Vacancy


Brookfield Properties develops and operates real estate investments on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management – one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world. As an organization, they work across every sector to bring high-quality, sustainable real estate to life around the globe.

Brookfield Properties is a world leader in commercial real estate; for this reason, they understand the importance of implementing a full-funnel pursuit strategy for their assets. By leveraging RealtyAds, they have effectively reached more brokers and end-users to find, advance, and close more deals.


RealtyAds essential software generates unrivaled, targeted, and consistent outreach to critical audiences through the world’s most effective digital channels. The technology focuses on a full-funnel leasing enablement strategy to keep assets relevant throughout the entire sales cycle, which has proven to help assets transact with greater success.

Two Manhattan West, a marquee New York development, is part of Brookfield Properties’ newest placemaking destination, Manhattan West. The asset spans 2 million square feet and 58 floors. In today’s current office climate, Brookfield Properties understands they must combine their market expertise with RealtyAds innovative AI technology to successfully enable leasing.

Like most of their properties, Two Manhattan West created an optimized digital presence through RealtyAds software beginning in July 2021. In addition, Brookfield Properties’ brokers leveraged their market expertise to target specific companies through RealtyAds – helping Two Manhattan West gain exposure to tenant reps and end-users currently in the market. Two companies proactively targeted were KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, and Clifford Chance, an international law firm.

By strategically reminding pursuits of the property’s modern office space, inspiring environment, and prime amenities throughout the sales cycle, RealtyAds ensured that Two Manhattan West remained top of mind and differentiated from competitors, ultimately contributing to its success in closing deals in a crowded market.


Since Brookfield Properties’ brokers added these companies to their proactive targeting, RealtyAds began placing Two Manhattan West in front of decision-makers and their representation at each company. The pursuit lasted for over a year, during which RealtyAds reached critical audiences at these companies at least 50x each month. By leveraging RealtyAds targeting tools, this asset reached decision-makers at over 233 companies on average each month. In addition, Two Manhattan West’s broker exposure increased 3.5x in 2022 alone, on average reaching 61% of brokers in the market monthly. The digital presence built with RealtyAds enabled at least three pursuits to execute leasing in 2022, totaling 621,000 SF leased. Brookfield Properties saw success with these pursuits and doubled down by increasing their exposure level to further find, advance, and close deals in the current office sector climate.


Organizations like Brookfield Properties succeed because they understand the importance of staying relevant and reaching critical audiences throughout the sales cycle. When leveraging RealtyAds at an adequate exposure level through pursuits, you can combat vacancies and win more deals in any market. RealtyAds helped Two Manhattan West drive revenue by proactively reaching more tenants and brokers throughout the entire pursuit.

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