Broker Success – C&W Houston Leverages RealtyAds to Reach Critical Audiences


Cushman & Wakefield is one of the country’s largest commercial real estate service firms. They harness some of the most beneficial CRE intelligence. In Houston, they leverage research, insights, and technology to identify and align real estate requirements. The foundational component of their leasing strategy is RealtyAds. Paired with C&W’s market expertise and top talent, this essential software helps them find, advance, and close more deals.


At the start of 2021, C&W introduced RealtyAds to the ownership at Texas Tower. In addition to introducing the tool to their client, the C&W leasing team explained how they strategically use RealtyAds to get their assets directly to the critical audiences that impact leasing. A stand-out example of this is the Cheniere Energy transaction at Texas Tower. By May, C&W had activated a digital presence for Texas Tower and immediately began deploying their strategy by leveraging targeting functionality such as Individual and Company Targeting.

In July, One of the high priority pursuits C&W added was Cheniere Energy. Once added to targeting, RITA automatically began prioritizing the monthly spend toward reaching the decision-makers at this firm as they were making their “buying decision.” Immediately, Cheniere Energy began engaging with Texas Tower’s digital presence. C&W carefully crafted content and messaging relevant to Cheniere Energy and other active pursuits, reminding them why they were considering Texas Tower.

Targeting prospective tenants, like Cheniere, with RealtyAds allows C&W to reach these decision-makers on the most popular channels where they prefer to spend their time. This significantly increases the likelihood of the property’s message reaching the end user and allows the leasing team and ownership group to control the message – rather than getting lost in translation. Teams that leverage RealtyAds increase the likelihood of reaching these critical audiences by 400% vs. traditional CRE norms. Because of the success leveraging RealtyAds, Hines has continued expanding this strategy nationwide.


Immediately, Cheniere Energy decision-makers started interacting with Texas Tower’s digital presence in July 2021. Over the next 12 months, as C&W continued to pursue and negotiate with Cheniere, RITA was working in the background and continued sharing the asset’s differentiations and “WHY.” It was vital to remind Cheniere why they were considering the property in the first place. Cheniere decision-makers interacted with the digital presence C&W built every month for 12 straight months. This allowed C&W to separate the property from the alternatives with proactive touches, ultimately advancing the deal.

Before lease execution, top executives at Cheniere Energy had viewed this asset more than 150 times, keeping the property relevant and in front of critical audiences. As a result of C&W’s proactive and innovative leasing strategy, the Texas Tower team successfully completed a $60,000,000+ transaction with Cheniere Energy. In addition, C&W was able to draw clear attribution to their spend with RealtyAds, leading to substantial ROI due to the efficient spend of less than $15K.

The current challenge within CRE is finding leasing and marketing strategies that tie attribution to spend. C&W Houston identified that leasing strategies must proactively leverage their market intel, making it simple for them to demonstrate attribution and ROI.

C&W decided to make RealtyAds the foundational component of their leasing strategy. This allows them to gain a clear ROI on spend. It also allows the team to expand their tools through integrations and use their data to close more deals.

With this essential software foundation, their team gets more data, proactive targeting capabilities, and more of a guarantee that the asset will reach the most critical audience at the most critical point in the sales cycle. When you build your strategies, starting with leasing enablement, specifically RealtyAds, you can find, advance, and close more deals.

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