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RealtyAds Reveals The Most Important Traits of A Property’s Webpage.


If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a noise? This is a popular philosophical question dating back to the 1700’s. In 2020, the commercial real estate equivalent might be “if we invest thousands of dollars, to create a property website, and no one sees it, is it worth it?”

At RealtyAds, we often hear from brokers and owners that their first step in marketing a property is creating a website. The goal of a website is often to help a building stand out, or to create credibility in the marketplace. We have found however, that with a traditional marketing approach, these goals are often not achieved. To make matters worse, marketing budgets are overly allocated towards the development of these websites that have very little traffic. Below are a few ubiquitous disadvantages we see when it comes to property websites:


Expensive: Thousands of dollars are often spent on the development of individual property websites that ultimately do not get the traffic to justify the investment.

Rarely Mobile Friendly

Rarely Mobile Friendly: In an industry where the target audience (executives and brokers) is always on the go, property websites are often overly complicated and too data heavy to properly load on mobile devices. This is especially true on tours when you may need quick access to your website more than ever.

Mission Failure

Mission Failure: Content rich, expensive building websites often make it difficult to locate the simplest, yet most important information. This includes the address of the building, broker contact information, contact forms, etc. Sometimes the websites fail to provide this information at all!


Remarketing: If a user visits a building website today, we simply hope they fill out a contact form, if there even is one. However, if a remarketing pixel were used in conjunction with RealtyAds, it would provide the ability to target users that visit the website across the internet.

Zero Control

Zero Control: Paying a third-party vendor to create your building website often means you lose the ability to control the website. This makes it difficult to update content and information in a timely fashion. We’ve noticed this often as owners have sourced Matterport videos, but do not have them posted to their website.

To help our clients channel marketing resources to generating property exposure to end-users and brokers rather than a website, RealtyAds created a series of free websites included with RealtyAds service. These sites allow you to add property logos, building brochures, virtual tours, property images, and more directly from your RealtyAds dashboard. In addition, you can update your website at any point in time and they’re optimized to load and function seamlessly on any device.

Time to reallocate that website development budget to RealtyAds, where you will get a free website and proactively reach brokers and end users in the most effective way possible.

Join the ranks of happy customers by contacting support@realtyads.com. Cheaper, more effective, and safer marketing awaits. We guarantee it.

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