"Our need to optimize our digital advertising efforts during the pandemic was a top priority. Partnering with RealtyAds to build a significant online presence for our listings has proven to the be the right choice as we can effectively reach both brokers and the decision makers. The platform is extremely flexible and user friendly. Highly recommend!"

Gemma Wilson

Project Coordinator, JLL

"Unlike other forms of marketing that we are using today, RealtyAds provides quantifiable data and results in real-time. The platform reporting is unmatched and makes it simple to understand the success of our marketing efforts."

Margaret Graves

Marketing Director, Holder Properties

"We chose RealtyAds because it is highly targeted to the right people in the right place at the right time - and uses proven and cutting edge marketing & technology strategies. They have created a highly useful tool for competing for tenant demand, pre-empting objections, and changing the positioning of your project in the marketplace."

Kristen Baker

Leasing Associate, Transwestern

The RealtyAds Platform equips brokerage teams with a powerful tool to deliv... read more

Adam Karafiol

Senior Vice President, Onyx Equities

RealtyAds has been a life-saver for us. The reach and exposure we've gotten... read more

Julien Garman

Communications Manager, Lincoln Property Company

With RealtyAds, not only can we reach the brokerage community with more cer... read more

Carmine DiLucente

Vice President, CBRE

RealtyAds was directly connected to an increase in tour activity at the bui... read more

Mark Wooters

Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

The onboarding process with RealtyAds is incredibly simple. After participa... read more

Tim Greiner

Executive Vice President, JLL

We are constantly looking for better ways to market our properties and rais... read more

John Walker

Director, Bridge Investment Group

Commercial Real Estate has long struggled at reaching the end-user. RealtyA... read more

John Bonnell

Managing Director, JLL

We started using RealtyAds to better market our properties and have been th... read more

Chris Cassata

Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

Compared to other forms of marketing that we are using today, I have seen t... read more

Allison Heraty

Director of Marketing, The Missner Group

With RealtyAds, we can now proactively apply our in-depth market knowledge ... read more

Heather Harris

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Corporex

We're always looking for better ways to market our properties. The RealtyAd... read more

Greg O'Neal

Managing Director, Beacon Capital Partners

Commercial real estate has rolled out the same marketing playbook for far t... read more

Jeff Dowdell

Senior Vice President, Transwestern

RealtyAds today delivers on the next generation of marketing expectations. ... read more

Lawrence Gellerstedt

President, Southsource

RealtyAds is providing our team, as well as, our clients with a digital sol... read more

Whitney Hake

Senior Vice President, Transwestern

We chose RealtyAds because it is highly targeted to the right people in the... read more

Kristen Baker

Leasing Associate, Transwestern

RealtyAds provides our clients with a more effective and cheaper medium for... read more

Colin Morrison

Director, Cushman & Wakefield

In a world of endless emails we were looking for an effective marketing too... read more

Adam Showalter

Managing Director, Stream Realty

Our Asset Management and Leasing teams found RealtyAds to be a highly effec... read more

Craig Millspaugh

Asset Manager, 90 North

RealtyAds Pursuit Marketing enables us to directly target all of our active... read more

Christopher Dean

Senior Vice President, Stream Realty

RealtyAds uniquely gives our agency practice a valued voice for us to conti... read more

Mark Emerick

Senior Vice President, CBRE

RealtyAds has been a game changer for our property marketing efforts. I've... read more

Bryan Heller

Managing Director, Stream Realty

RealtyAds provides us with a unique set of market exposure in communicating... read more

Dan Park

Head of Asset Management, Greenlaw

RealtyAds provides a unique solution to make digital advertising streamline... read more

Emily Bridges

Marketing Director, Choate Construction

Our team recently had a competitive pitch for a portfolio of buildings in D... read more

Ben Cuzen

Vice President, Office Leasing, HPI

In today's age, creating a robust online presence for your asset is critica... read more

Nick Hepner

Vice President, JLL

Implementing RealtyAds into our marketing stack has helped us tremendously ... read more

Stephani Gaskins

Healthcare Real Estate Broker, CBRE

RealtyAds is a must for any building's marketing stack. The power of repeti... read more

Taylor Green

Marketing Consultant, Stream Realty Partners

Our need to optimize our digital advertising efforts during the pandemic wa... read more

Gemma Wilson

Project Coordinator, JLL

The RealtyAds Platform is not only simple but very effective in getting in ... read more

Jonathon W. Cordell

Executive Vice President, CBRE

Finally, innovation comes to the real estate advertising sector. RealtyAds ... read more

Mark Beckerman

CEO, CREtech

Creating awareness about a property is the vital first step in a successful... read more

Nick Nigro

Director, Boyd Watterson Asset Management

The owners I represent are always looking for ways to differentiate themsel... read more

John Norris

Senior Managing Director, Newmark

RealtyAds gives our properties more exposure than any other marketing mediu... read more

Joe Sergi

COO / Partner, Clear Height Properties

We were lucky enough to learn about RealtyAds earlier this year and their t... read more

Victoria Richardson

Marketing Manager, Colliers

To better serve our industrial clients, we are always looking for ways to m... read more

Joe Karmin

Excecutive Vice President, Transwestern

Unlike other forms of marketing that we are using today, RealtyAds provides... read more

Margaret Graves

Marketing Director, Holder Properties

Our team was the first in Central Ohio to utilize RealtyAds as a pillar of ... read more

Collin Wheeler

First Vice President, CBRE

RealtyAds is an incredible way to make our projects stand out in an increas... read more

Basel Bataineh

Vice President, Somera Road

Our team was one of the first to apply RealtyAds technology to industrial a... read more

Chris Tomasulo

Managing Director, JLL