Avison Young’s Proactive Outreach Producing Results for PGIM


PGIM and its leasing team, Avison Young, had long implemented traditional marketing channels to promote 200 East Las Olas to the market. These efforts included listing sites, e-mail blasts, and broker entertainment.

As other assets in the market began to build their digital presence with RealtyAds, the team at 200 East Las Olas started to wonder what value add digital channels and the RealtyAds Platform could offer their asset.


PGIM’s asset management team and AY scheduled a demonstration with RealtyAds. In the presentation, RealtyAds promised to deliver unrivaled, targeted reach to brokers and prospective tenants throughout an entire tenant pursuit. Specifically, AY wanted to use the technology to target companies they knew to be actively looking for office space in their local market.

Instead of involving an agency, which can be cost-prohibitive, RealtyAds technology allowed 200 East Las Olas to build its digital presence with the simple push of a button. Within 24 hours, the building was reaching critical audiences throughout the internet on channels such as the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, CNN, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.

By adopting these digital channels, 200 East Las Olas quickly increased its broker exposure by more than 5x and total property exposure by 2.3x.

Making this exposure more impactful was the fact that with RealtyAds, AY could proactively apply their market expertise. Instead of waiting and hoping for tenants to find their building online as is the case when using a listing service, the AY brokers could use RealtyAds to choose specific companies, industries, and individuals to show their asset to.

This proactive approach by AY created impactful leasing activity.

The digital presence RealtyAds built reached multiple tenants, such as Horvath & Tremblay and Blackberry, who executed leases at the property. RealtyAds helped facilitate these transactions by giving AY a channel to reach the decision-makers at these companies throughout the entire transaction. Instead of relying on a 20-minute tour to tell the whole building’s story, AY could use RealtyAds to keep the asset relevant until the day the lease was signed.

In total, a prospective tenant (turned tenant) such as Horvath & Tremblay interacted with the building’s digital presence over 150 times for all 7 months leading up to the deal announcement.


RealtyAds Pursuit Marketing is built to help your assets win more deals by generating unrivaled, targeted, and consistent exposure. These touches throughout a pursuit will lead to more successful transactions as was demonstrated with 200 East Las Olas.

Unlike property marketing efforts of the past, the digital presence RealtyAds offers has the capability to marry your broker’s market expertise with your marketing efforts. This approach gives your brokers the ability to proactively pick and choose their target audience, and then push the property messaging through the most widely adopted digital channels.

With RealtyAds as the foundational component of your marketing program, your leasing team will have all the tools they need to compete for tenants at the highest level.

RealtyAds targeting features allow our brokerage team to truly apply our market expertise. Unlike other forms of CRE marketing that do not and cannot proactively target specific tenants, RealtyAds provides us the channel to drive targeted messaging to the right brokers and decision-makers at every major stage of the deal. This routine, targeted outreach helps us compete for tenants at the highest level.

Greg Martin

Principal | Avison Young

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