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Detailed Targeting for Multi-Family, Industrial, Medical Office, and Life Sciences


RealtyAds Product Team continues to iterate, improve, and refine our artificial intelligence to deliver better results for our clientele, such as increasing target audience reach by an average of 4.8x. This improvement in reach to brokers and decision makers throughout the deal has helped leasing teams stay top of mind and close more than $1B in verified deals year to date. Read on to learn more.

Connecting the right property with the right tenant has always been challenging in commercial real estate. Every sector prospects very specific tenants based on the vacancy, tenant size, existing conditions, industry, and more; however, there hasn’t always been granular technology to differentiate each of these unique prospects. 

When leveraging the RealtyAds platform, clients have traditionally used features to specify the industries, companies, and individuals they want to target, ultimately putting their spaces in front of decision-makers in sectors where they think they would be the best fit.

Now, to further support their initiatives and provide the most cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed new targeting functionality that allows our clients to engage with extremely specific tenant types. For example, if you’re leasing a medical office building, you may think the space and amenities would serve dentists best. With RealtyAds’ new targeting functionality, you can zero in on specific types of dental professionals, whether that be orthodontists, periodontists, cosmetic dentists, or more. These advanced targeting capabilities enable a more precise connection between properties and prospective tenants, helping to enhance their overall digital strategy and providing the opportunity to get even more granular in their tenant pursuit.

RealtyAds advanced targeting functionality enables owners and leasing teams to connect more effectively with the right tenant types and accelerate the leasing process. By addressing the specific needs of various sectors, we continue to provide our clients with the tools to help them find, advance, and close more deals. This functionality is now available to all users via RealtyAds Targeting Optimization page. 

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