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Advertising in CRE; What You Need to Know to Get Started


When it comes to commercial real estate advertising, you should think about the following items to make sure you get the best return on your advertising dollars. When you use RealtyAds, RITA will coach you on the items below and make suggestions and ad modifications to make sure you are getting maximum ROI.

What is the message and who is the target audience?

Messaging and target audience often go hand in hand as your message should be tailored to the audience you are speaking to. If your target audience is local commercial real estate brokers for example, your message should convey something new and exciting about your property that will make the brokers believe it is a good fit for their tenants. This could be a message about the new spec suite that was just finished, a new tenant lounge, or a renovated fitness center.

Relevant property photos make a difference.

Social media today is all about photos and videos. In order to engage your audience you should make sure you are using your most up to date property photos, and that your photos are relevant with the text in your advertisement. If your ad is about the new spec suite that was just finished, your photos should show that suite. You want your audience to see themselves or their clients in your space.

Periodically update your advertising creative.

Keeping your ad creative fresh is important so that users don’t get fatigued with seeing the same ad over and over for months. Even updating a couple photos per month may be enough to keep the advertisement fresh. New content will always work better than something someone has seen 20 times.

Reach users on multiple digital mediums.

The ability to reach users wherever they go on the internet is extremely powerful. Imagine a prospective tenant who spends 20 minutes browsing their Facebook news feed, then 30 minutes on instagram viewing friend’s photos, then 15 minutes reading a wall street journal article. The power of the RealtyAds platform is that we can take your building photos or video and syndicate it to all of these places to make sure this person sees your message everywhere they go on the internet. Disseminating your message and staying top of mind is basically guaranteed when you utilize the different digital mediums available.

Use custom audience targeting lists.

Paid advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow us to pay a fee in order to show our ads to their users. Every time our ad is shown to a user on these networks, we are charged a fee, maybe a few cents. Since we are paying for every single impression, we want to make sure that every impression is with a user who has the potential to help lease our space. Custom audience lists are how we achieve this. Uploading a targeting list of tenants in the market, local brokers, or even companies that you want to see your ads will allow RITA to optimize your advertising ad and only show your ads to the people who matter to you.

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