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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Why Companies Should Invest In Digital Ads During The Holiday Season


As the holiday season approaches, businesses face a crucial decision: how much to invest in advertising during this festive time of year. Despite budget constraints and the ever-changing digital landscape, resisting the urge to reduce advertising expenses is crucial. The holiday season is precisely when maintaining or even increasing your digital ad spending can be a game-changer for your company. Below, we will explore the compelling reasons why companies should continue to spend money on RealtyAds and other digital platforms during the holiday season.

Capitalize on Increased Online Activity:

One of the most compelling reasons to maintain or increase digital ad spend during the holidays is the surge in online activity. In 2023, a report by eMarketer revealed that online platforms experienced a significant 18% increase compared to the previous year. Consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X. Whether it’s to browse social feeds, connect with friends and family, share holiday happenings, or fulfill their gift-buying needs, your digital ads can help them discover your products or services. Statistics consistently show a significant increase in online engagement during the holiday season, making it a prime opportunity to engage with potential pursuits.

Increased Brand Visibility:

The holiday season is incredibly competitive for businesses. More companies vie for the attention of potential customers, making it crucial to maintain a strong online presence. According to a study by Adobe Analytics in 2023, businesses that increased their digital advertising during the holiday season saw a 22% boost in online activity compared to those that didn’t. By increasing your digital ad spend, you can ensure your brand remains visible and competitive and help your business stand out from the crowd. During this time, digital ads present a unique opportunity to create lasting connections with your customers and foster long-term loyalty by delivering a memorable and positive brand experience.

Targeted Advertising:

Digital advertising platforms like RealtyAds offer incredibly precise targeting options. According to a 2023 survey, 70% of digital advertisers reported increased success from audience targeting. This means you can tailor your strategy to reach your ideal audience. Whether you want to target a specific company, location, or job title, RealtyAds allows you to hone in on your most promising prospects. With this level of precision, you can maximize your ad spend efficiency during the holiday season. Digital advertising also allows you to make real-time adjustments to your campaigns, which is invaluable during the holiday season when consumer behaviors can change rapidly. If you notice a particular ad or strategy isn’t performing as expected, you can adjust to optimize your results, adapting to the dynamic nature of holiday social activity.

 Data-Driven Insights:

RealtyAds also provides valuable data and insights into performance. A 2023 study by Nielsen found that digital advertising provides a 40% higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional advertising methods. You can gather information about which ads resonate with your audience, which products are in demand, and more. This data can inform your strategies not only for the holidays but for the entire year ahead, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions.


The holiday season is not the time to cut back on digital advertising spend; it’s the time to embrace its opportunities. The surge in online activity, increased brand visibility, targeted advertising, and the potential for building brand loyalty make this an ideal season for digital advertising. As the festive season approaches, remember that a well-planned and executed digital advertising strategy can be the gift that keeps on giving, benefiting your business long after the holidays are over. So, don’t hesitate to invest in digital ads to make the most of the holiday season and ensure your business’s success in the coming year.

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