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Smart CRE Brokers, Not Just Restaurants, Are Leveraging QR Codes


If you’ve been to a restaurant recently, you’ve seen a QR Code saying, “scan here to see our full menu.”  This subtle shift in delivering patrons a menu has helped restaurants provide a safer environment to their guests.  In commercial real estate, we face the same hurdle of providing our customers the safest touring environment possible.

One easy way to do this is to create a QR code for each asset that you lease and hang these QR codes on your tour route.  Some of the benefits, such as safety, are obvious. Other benefits of QR codes are more subtle. We detail some key benefits below:

Improving Prospect Safety

Improving Prospect Safety

First and foremost, QR codes reduce the need to exchange antiquated property brochures. Going contactless will lead to a safer property tour.

Improving Property Relevance

Improving Property Relevance

More often than not when you hand someone a property brochure, it is quickly discarded post tour. Scanning a QR code sends a prospect to a property website that is then stored in their browser; making the information accessible later.

Activating Property Remarketing Efforts with RealtyAds

Activating Property Remarketing Efforts with RealtyAds

If your property has an active online presence with RealtyAds, once a prospect scans a QR code it can activate your RealtyAds remarketing pixel. This means that you can advertise to this pursuit on nearly any ad supported website they visit long after the tour has ended. In an industry with a uniquely long sales cycle, touch points on prospect after the tour has ended are critical.

On your next tour you have 2 options. You could 1) be part of the group that will hand out a property brochure which is expensive and quickly discarded or 2) hang a free QR code on your tour route that, in conjunction with RealtyAds service, can keep your asset relevant for the entire CRE sales cycle.

Choose wisely!

Curious to learn more or need help getting started? Contact support@realtyads.com today.

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