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RealtyAds Is Reinventing Property Marketing In Over 80 Markets


Real estate has a problem, a big one. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Even before COVID-19 fundamentally rocked the world of real estate, owners and their brokers were still struggling to leverage low-cost, yet effective marketing tools that other industries have been using for years.

In 2019, RealtyAds set out to change that.

RealtyAds, a cloud-based software company headquartered in Chicago, is fundamentally reimagining how real estate assets communicate with the market. Their technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence to launch, manage, and optimize digital marketing across the world’s largest, and most established, advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. What’s more, clients can accomplish this with the push of a single button. The results? Simple, transparent marketing that is cheaper and more effective at reaching an extremely targeted audience. 

“As a former broker with Cushman & Wakefield, I believe the industry has long been ready for a marketing solution that allows leasing agents to leverage their market intelligence,” said Trevor Marticke, Founder and President of RealtyAds.  “In contrast to the often expensive and untargeted marketing process accepted today, RealtyAds technology helps brokers define, target, and reach high priority pursuits throughout the entire transaction process.”

And ownership groups seem to agree. In just two years since its founding, RealtyAds has crossed the 300 million square foot threshold, with assets in more than 80 markets across North America. In addition, they have added ten new team members in the past year, with recent sales and customer success positions starting just this week, and are actively recruiting sales, customer success, and engineering positions.

“The RealtyAds Platform equips brokerage teams with a powerful tool to deliver a property’s message to the right audiences,” said Adam Karafoil, a Senior Vice President with Onyx. “The product has become a key component to effectively communicate our properties messages to the market.”