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RealtyAds AI Prospect Tracking: Engaging the Audiences that Lead to Transactions


RealtyAds Product Team continues to iterate, improve, and refine our artificial intelligence to deliver better results for our clientele, such as increasing target audience reach by an average of 4.8x. This improvement in reach to brokers and decision makers throughout the deal has helped leasing teams stay top of mind and close more than $1B in verified deals year to date. Read on to learn more.

In the dynamic world of CRE, engaging the right audiences is essential for creating qualified opportunities. However, in commercial real estate, we often lack the tools to reach decision-makers as they kick off their real estate search. The result is that leasing has to wait to receive a phone call from a tenant advisor before being able to engage the tenant.

RealtyAds AI is solving this issue by using hundreds of data points on decision-makers to identify potential prospects and then successfully engage those same decision-makers online as they begin to look for space. When these prospects are later verified by leasing as valuable tenants in the market, they are flagged as what RealtyAds calls RITA Prospects. The tool provides a clear link between digital strategies and real-world outcomes, helping clients beat their competition to reach top prospects sooner in the transaction cycle and further expediting the leasing process.

RITA Prospecting has already proven to be a game-changer for our clients. RealtyAds AI has identified more than 11,500 prospects, who were later verified by leasing as tenants in the market. What’s more, many of these transactions advanced through the leasing process to a successful close. For instance, with the help of RITA, a leasing team was able to identify an opportunity they had not yet considered for their property, work with the representing broker to schedule a tour, and ultimately bring the transaction to a close.

While many factors contribute to this type of win, many RealtyAds clients have found tremendous value in getting their message in front of key decision-makers both sooner and more consistently throughout the transaction process.

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