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Meet the Team, Matt Newville


As the talented team at RealtyAds continues to grow, we are highlighting dynamic team members from all departments. These individuals play an essential role in connecting our product with clients, and we believe it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the team that provides support to both you and your company.

Matt Newville, our Vice President of Growth, joined RealtyAds at the beginning of 2024. In his role, Matt develops and executes client-focused strategies, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service. Specifically, his primary responsibilities include product and market expansion, strategic planning, continuing existing partnerships, revenue optimization, and customer experience. Focused on driving long-term success and sustainability for RealtyAds, Matt identifies and capitalizes on growth opportunities and ensures a positive customer experience.

What is your background in CRE, and how did you gain experience in CRE tech?

After college, I joined the CRE world in 2012 as a Tenant Rep broker. After five years, I moved into the CRE tech giant that is CoStar Group. It was there that I learned from multiple CRE verticals, including owners, brokers, and debt and equity funds in the Industrial, Office, Retail, and multifamily sectors.

What initially drew you to work at RealtyAds?

Being in the CRE space for 13 years, my conviction is that CRE does not know tech, and the tech world doesn’t necessarily know CRE. Through the previous cycle, leasing space has been a “tenants come to us” mentality, but today, it’s quite more difficult and requires a strategic leasing strategy and property attraction. When it came to RealtyAds, I asked myself, “Where can I provide immediate value to the industry and relationships I’ve made over the past 13 years?” RealtyAds is the “easy button” to leasing strategy and a scalable solution across all markets. Brokers and owners have a tough day-to-day to lease space; RealtyAds is where I could be in their corner from day 1.

How does the culture at RealtyAds support you and your goals?

The culture of RealtyAds is incredibly positive and driven. My ultimate goal is to be trusted by my clients and colleagues, so having a driven team that wants to work hard and play hard helps me achieve that freedom and satisfaction.

What does your day-to-day look like?

Most of my day consists of educating CRE Owners & Brokers about our leasing enablement strategies. Being in Dallas, I get a good balance of in-person presentations, networking opportunities, and occasional Zoom calls. I enjoy the day-to-day of expanding our current relationships and continuing to meet people in the CRE space.

How have you seen the industry evolve over the last few years with all its changes?

This industry is never complete. Proptech and Commercial Real Estate are in a transformational stage right now. What keeps me optimistic is knowing we are on the cusp of a new chapter. I’m anticipating the coming cycle as these two industries shed outdated habits, innovate where needed, and keep pace to bring a new customer pool and a better-educated Proptech community together for better-performing assets, happier tenants, and quicker, more efficient leasing cycles.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a part of the team here at RealtyAds?

Solving clients’ problems and fast. Everybody, deep down, wants to be valuable to their peers and their circle of influence. RealtyAds allows me to report on what the most successful CRE owners and brokers are doing to find, advance, and close deals. Using the backend data allows immediate value to your network of customers.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Dallas?

My favorite thing about living in Dallas is that there are always new restaurants to try and people to meet. Over the past five years, Dallas has become the center of Texas culture, attracting new businesses, people, and restaurants. I believe close to 400 people a day move to Dallas. Discovering these new places with people I care about is what makes it a great place to live; something is always new.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

a. Finding new restaurants in Dallas, specifically TexMex patios

b. Going to the park with my wife Sarah, daughter Madeline, and our dog Pongo

c. Having friends over and hosting social events whenever possible

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