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Meet The Team, James Ekdahl


As the team of talented individuals here at RealtyAds continues to grow, we are highlighting dynamic team members from all departments. These individuals play an essential role in being the connection between our product and clients, and we believe it’s crucial to familiarize you with the team that provides support to both you and your company.

James Ekdahl is our Senior Vice President, Engineering Team Lead and joined RealtyAds in 2021. His role is pivotal in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service. James provides technical guidance, manages teams and projects, fosters cross-functional collaboration, and ensures quality assurance and strategic planning. His efforts are focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions and driving innovation and growth within our organization, all of which directly benefit our clients.

What initially drew you to work for RealtyAds?

The RealtyAds vision for the intersection between AI and digital marketing stands out as something truly special and exciting. There’s something thrilling about pioneering in a space that’s constantly evolving, and this is where my passion lies. Throughout my career, I have explored the many facets of digital advertising, but when I learned about RealtyAds I knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of their vision. Plus, having worked with Keegan before, someone I greatly respect for his exceptional ability as a builder, only solidified my confidence that RealtyAds was the perfect place for me to continue nurturing my creativity and professional growth.

Starting at RealtyAds in 2021 to now, how has your role evolved over time?

In the dynamic environment of a small, rapidly expanding company like RealtyAds, I’ve embraced the opportunity to wear many hats. This versatility has not only been essential for our growth but has also enriched my professional experience. Among the diverse roles I’ve undertaken, I’ve particularly enjoyed developing my role as an individual contributor, where I’ve leveraged data to help drive strategic decisions. Concurrently, my role in helping to build a resilient and innovative team has been thoroughly rewarding.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

There’s a profound sense of fulfillment that comes from anticipating and preemptively solving needs and crafting solutions. The joy of devising solutions that address the unique challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike is exhilarating. My definition of success is intrinsically linked to the productivity enhancements I can bring about for people and systems. Each improvement, no matter the scale, is a step towards not only my personal fulfillment but also the broader goal of driving innovation and efficiency within our industry.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I find joy in spoiling my two shibas. Their antics never fail to bring laughter and brighten my life. Chess offers a mental escape and challenges me in new ways, much like my work but on a different battlefield. Gardening provides a sense of peace and connection to nature. Nurturing plants from mere seeds to full bloom is rewarding in its own way. Finally, cooking is a fantastic outlet for creativity and a good excuse to entertain.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?

Chicago’s food scene is incredibly vibrant, offering a rich variety of culinary adventures that I love sharing with family and friends. Whether it’s indulging in the city’s most celebrated establishments or uncovering neighborhood gems, every outing is time well spent. For me, each meal is not just about the food; it’s about creating a shared  experience that you truly ‘had to be there’ to appreciate.

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