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Meet The Team, Harry Quaid


As the team of talented individuals here at RealtyAds continues to grow, we are highlighting dynamic team members from all departments. These individuals play an important role in being the connection between our product and clients, and we believe it’s crucial to familiarize you with the team that provides support to both you and your company.

Harry Quaid joined RealtyAds in 2019 and currently serves as our Senior Vice President of Growth. In this role, Harry’s primary responsibilities include strategic planning, business development, customer acquisition/ retention, team leadership, and providing sustainable and strategic growth opportunities for RealtyAds.

What initially drew you to work for RealtyAds?

I was always intrigued by the idea of working for a small startup. The opportunity to contribute to building something, learn and grow professionally, and face challenges was appealing. Although I wasn’t initially passionate about digital advertising, software, or sales, what drew me to RealtyAds was the chance to work with Trevor and Keegan at the company’s inception. While it was hard to step away from my career as a broker, joining them on the journey of creating the industry giant RealtyAds has become a decision I don’t regret!

You joined RealtyAds in 2019; how has your role changed as the company has grown?

Crazy how time flies when you are having fun! The company has changed quite a bit! We’ve gone from 2 tiny private offices in Fulton Market to moving into 10,000 SF in River North. We used to track our meetings and pending deals on a whiteboard – I always enjoyed outlining this for me and Trevor…however, I am very glad that became unsustainable. While RealtyAds has changed and grown over the years, we’ve always maintained the hustle and values that we solidified from the start. I was hired to help the company sell more. After a year or so, and as we continued to sell, I moved into more of a player/coach role. So, I went from operating as a sole salesperson to managing and building a team. More growth came, and so did the growth of my team. In addition to sales, I quickly learned that there were other areas I could help contribute outside of my role. Such as helping improve functionality for clients, improving internal systems, working closely with all departments, and helping identify and create the idea of account management.

What does your day-to-day look like?

The goal of my day is to spend as much time as possible interacting with clients, pursuing prospects, and supporting the success of RealtyAds team members. As a morning person, I start my day by catching up on emails, reading industry news, and planning. The bulk of my day involves calls with clients and prospects. I wrap up my day by meeting with our AM team members to align on clients/pursuits, responding to clients, completing daily tasks, planning for the next day, and usually making calls to my West Coast clients!

What was the best advice, personal or professional, you ever received?

 Less impressed, more involved. The sooner we become less impressed with our life, our accomplishments, our career, our relationships, and the prospects in front of us – the sooner we become less impressed and more involved with these things, and the sooner we can get better at them.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I keep it simple! I like hanging out with friends, attending Chicago sporting events or live concerts, trying out new restaurants, hitting the links when the weather permits, and traveling.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Chicago?

Selfishly, I love that I have all my people in Chicago. I am lucky to have all my best friends living in the city; my brother lives a neighborhood over, and all my extended family is in the area as well. So even though I have my parents and little brother living out west, Chicago has become the melting pot for long weekends, summer weekends, holidays, etc.

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