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Measuring Success- Analytics and Reporting with RealtyAds


Today, success in digital landscapes is not just about launching digital strategies but measuring their impact and optimizing those strategies based on data-driven insights. With RealtyAds, analytics, and reporting are the cornerstones in determining the effectiveness of your efforts and driving better leasing enablement results through different targeting features and value-added opportunities. Exploring how we measure success through analytics and reporting, we’ll cover how our platform helps to deliver success through the most effective customer acquisition channels.

Understanding Key Platform Analytics 

Diving into the analytics and reporting on the platform, it’s crucial to identify the key statistics that contribute the most to our client’s success. These may vary depending on the specific goals of a digital strategy, but the standard metrics used to determine success with the RealtyAds platform include:

  • Broker Reach: The platform’s ability to connect brokers with potential clients, properties, and other opportunities and engage them with relevant listings and digital strategies 
  • Tenant Reach: The platform’s ability to connect leasing agents with potential tenants, engage prospective tenants with relevant property listings, and ensure that property listings are distributed to a wide audience of potential tenants. 
  • Exposure: The platform’s ability to ensure that a property listing receives and maintains significant visibility and exposure to potential tenants and their representation consistently over time and throughout the entire duration of its sales or leasing period. A more educated customer is 131% more likely to transact.

Utilizing Advanced Analytics Tools

As $0.60 out of every $1.00 spent in America today goes towards digital channels, here at RealtyAds, we leverage our platform with advanced analytics tools and our AI to track and measure key analytics accurately. Our platform provides real-time data on strategy performance, allowing us to monitor metrics such as high engagement, prospects enabled, and more. Additionally, we utilize advanced targeting and tracking capabilities to attribute consistent and effective touchpoints to specific strategies, channels, and audience segments.

Customized Reporting

In addition to real-time analytics, we provide customized reporting to our clients, offering comprehensive insights into each dashboard. Our reports can be tailored to each client’s specific needs and preferences, highlighting key metrics, trends, and actionable recommendations for optimization. With more than 20 targeting settings, all adjustable in real-time, Realtyads can provide monthly performance reports or a detailed analysis of a specific deal, ensuring transparency and accountability in your digital strategy efforts.

Continuous Optimization

Armed with data-driven insights from analytics and reporting, we continuously optimize our platform and strategies to maximize results for our clients. This may involve adjusting targeting parameters, refining creatives, reallocating the budget to top-performing channels, or experimenting with new tactics and targeted messaging. To date, Realtyads has identified more than 11,500 tenants who were later verified by leasing teams as top prospects. By adopting a data-driven approach to leasing enablement, with the help of RealtyAds AI, we ensure that our clients’ dollars are invested effectively and provide the best possible outcomes.


Analytics and reporting play a crucial role in measuring success and driving better results in the commercial real estate digital landscape. At RealtyAds, we are committed to leveraging advanced analytics tools, providing customized reporting, and continuously optimizing our strategies based on data-driven insights. Focusing on key metrics, utilizing advanced analytics tools, and delivering actionable reporting, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their strategic goals effectively.

RealtyAds is helping commercial real estate find, advance, and close more deals by engaging decision-makers and their representation on the world’s most effective customer acquisition channels. For more information, visit RealtyAds.com and follow RealtyAds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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