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Market Benchmarking: Competing at the Highest Level with RealtyAds


RealtyAds Product Team continues to iterate, improve, and refine our artificial intelligence to deliver better results for our clientele, such as increasing target audience reach by an average of 4.8x. This improvement in reach to brokers and decision makers throughout the deal has helped leasing teams stay top of mind and close more than $1B in verified deals year to date. Read on to learn more.

​​In the highly competitive commercial real estate industry, owners, leasing teams, and marketers can struggle to gauge the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategy. Without clear insights into how their strategy compares to that of their competition, it can be challenging to identify areas for improvement or to understand what strategies are producing the best results. This lack of comparative data can lead to inefficient spending and missed leasing opportunities.

After identifying this challenge and receiving client feedback, RealtyAds introduced a powerful new Market Benchmarking feature. This tool provides clients with a detailed performance comparison against a set of their like properties. By comparing key metrics such as average broker reach, average tenant reach, and marketing investments, the Benchmarking Analysis delivers actionable insights that help users understand how their online presence stacks up against their competitors and what/if there is anything that needs to be changed to achieve better success within their market.

For example, this new functionality was recently used by a client in Boston during their RealtyAds renewal window. They worked with their account manager to better understand the adoption of digital channels in their market, evaluate their spend relative to similar assets, and then choose a digital investment that meets the market, better aligning their spend with their objective to have the same (if not better) broker and tenant reach than their competition.

RealtyAds’ Benchmarking Analysis transforms how our clients approach their digital strategies. By providing a clear comparison against the competition, our users can make informed decisions, optimize their digital efforts, and achieve superior results. With this powerful tool, clients can ensure they are not only meeting industry standards but also surpassing them, enhancing their market position and driving leasing success.

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