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Introducing The RealtyAds Content Hub


Now Live In Your RealtyAds Account

Why It Matters

The Content Hub creates a marketplace within RealtyAds where RealtyAds customers have the option of purchasing digitally optimized content such as high-resolution images, drone videos, and more at a discounted rate.

How It Works

RealtyAds has quickly grown to be the largest paid social media marketer of commercial real estate in North America. We’re leveraging our scale to provide customers discounted pricing, added flexibility, and simplicity when purchasing content.

To explore the RealtyAds Content Hub, simply visit the Content Hub now found within your RealtyAds account. From there, you will be able to choose the right content package for your asset and can get started by simply completing an order form. In only 1-3 weeks, customers will receive all native files plus the RealtyAds design team will digitally optimize 4 sets of content for use with your RealtyAds subscription.

What Are The Benefits?

Reduced Marketing Expenses – we understand property marketing budgets vary greatly. The RealtyAds Content Hub uses RealtyAds economies of scale to provide all properties, with large or small marketing budgets, the ability to produce great content at a cost-effective price.

Flexible Uses – too often brokerages and ownership groups are limited with when and where they can share their content. To us, that defeats the purpose. With RealtyAds, customers may use the content for RealtyAds service or on any other initiative such as offering memorandums, property websites, and email marketing.

Simplicity – marketing departments are swamped. So when you purchase content through RealtyAds you’re not just getting a discounted rate, you’re also getting RealtyAds market expertise and support. We won’t simply send you the native files, RealtyAds will also digitally optimize the content, load the content to your RealtyAds account, and set a schedule so the content automatically rotates throughout your subscription.

The Bigger Picture

Pursuit Marketing is about driving revenues through improved customer outreach and retention. To transact with greater success, your asset needs great content, targeted to the right individuals, and over channels that effectively reach your audience.

RealtyAds has now built a single marketplace where all 3 of these objectives can be accomplished.

The RealtyAds Content Hub helps customers produce digitally optimized content, the RealtyAds Partner Hub integrates with your CRM to automate who is seeing this content, and the RealtyAds Platform gives your asset the channels to more effectively share your content with the right people, at the right time, over the course of the customer journey.

Additional Questions

For additional information on the RealtyAds Content Hub, or for a personalized overview of the platform at large, please contact your RealtyAds account representative or write support@realtyads.com.

A RealtyAds team member will then guide you through additional details and share added benefits available to enterprise customers, such as API integrations to automatically centralize your content portfolio-wide.

We look forward to working with you.

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