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Cast Your Net & Capture Your Pursuits With RealtyAds


Ten years ago, social media began making headwinds as society was introduced to liking, poking, and double tapping their way to ultimately, getting a message across to the public. Today, more than half of all the people on Earth are utilizing social media. Monthly active users on Facebook alone eclipsed 3.3B. By comparison, the largest listing services in commercial real estate do not even see 2% of this monthly traffic.

Furthermore, things are trending towards additional engagement. Tenants and brokers alike virtually viewed office space a record-breaking amount of times in 2020. As these numbers continue to grow and more pursuits are viewing office space from their phones, your listings cannot afford to skip or dabble with an online presence. Your building needs an online presence that is prevalent across all major social media platforms.

RealtyAds prides itself on the ability to get your listing’s message internet-wide, to a specific, hyper – targeted audience of your choosing. Here are just some of the benefits of why utilizing an all-encompassing, online presence with RealtyAds is crucial to successful CRE marketing:

Internet-Wide Ad Placement

Internet-Wide Ad Placement: RealtyAds Intelligent Technology Assistant (RITA) takes your monthly ad subscription and distributes your advertisement across all of the largest social media networks in the world: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But why just stop there? RITA also will place your ads internet-wide on popular websites, based on your audience’s online behaviors and interests. The result is more effective exposure to both brokers and end-users.

Targeting Settings

Targeting Settings: RealtyAds gives you the ability to customize your target audience in over 20 ways to make sure you’re placing your building’s message in front of the right people. Unlike a listing service where you must wait for a pursuit to visit the website, RealtyAds targeting settings equip you with the tools to proactively reach your targets.

Customizable Landing Pages

Customizable Landing Pages: No property website? No problem. RealtyAds gives you the ability to create your own website with our customizable landing pages. As the majority of tenants aren’t able to tour spaces in person, we make it effortless for tenants to view your property brochure, tour your space virtually, and contact the leasing team – all from their phone.


Flexibility: Instead of investing in “6-12 month packages” that don’t allow your marketing needs to adjust to the market, RealtyAds gives you complete control over your marketing spend. All variables of service can be modified in real-time to meet the changing needs of your asset.

According to hootsuite.com, more than 1 million people join social media every day, which means by the time you’re done reading this, almost 10,000 people will have joined social media for the first time. The bottom line is: nearly 100% of your prospects and pursuits are utilizing social media. Can you afford not to be?

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