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Activity Feed: Transparency and Real-Time Insights


RealtyAds Product Team continues to iterate, improve, and refine our artificial intelligence to deliver better results for our clientele, such as increasing target audience reach by an average of 4.8x. This improvement in reach to brokers and decision makers throughout the deal has helped leasing teams stay top of mind and close more than $1B in verified deals year to date. Read on to learn more.

Commercial real estate leasing and marketing can often struggle with limited visibility into the activity happening on their digital marketing platforms. Without real-time updates and detailed insights, understanding the strategies implemented and how they impact overall performance becomes challenging. This lack of transparency can lead to inefficiencies and restrict informed decision-making.

Addressing the problem head-on, the team here at RealtyAds built the new Activity Feed. This resourceful feature provides clients with a comprehensive, real-time view of activities on their accounts, whether it’s activity performed by RealtyAds AI or its users. The Activity Feed continuously updates to reflect the latest changes within the account. Whether it’s a new digital strategy launched by RealtyAds AI, a manual adjustment made by marketing, or enhanced targeting by leasing, staying up to date on the activity in their account ensures that they are always in the loop.

RealtyAds’ Activity Feed is already significantly impacting client transparency. While in BETA, a Head of Asset Management at a publicly traded firm used this functionality to better monitor how their brokers were using RealtyAds to activate their market knowledge, such as when key tenants in the market were being added to RealtyAds audiences. 

With real-time insights, clients can make quicker, more informed decisions based on performance and adjust their strategies accordingly. This transparency fosters a stronger, more collaborative relationship, building trust and ensuring teams work cohesively and efficiently while leveraging technology to drive results.

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