About RealtyAds

RealtyAds Pursuit Marketing is fundamentally reimagining how real estate assets and brands pursue customers.

With over 450 million square feet of assets across 95 markets, the RealtyAds Platform leverages artificial intelligence to help real estate generate market-leading exposure to a hyper-targeted audience, at a fair price and without complexity. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Chicago, RealtyAds is building a team that is fixated on revolutionizing one of America’s largest, yet slowest to adapt, industries. Example customers include CBRE, Tishman Speyer, and Brookfield.

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Meet The Team

Carter Burch
  • Carter Burch
  • Senior Associate, Client Experience
Charlie McComas
  • Charlie McComas
  • Senior Director of Growth
Trevor Marticke
  • Trevor Marticke
  • Founder and President
Charlie Boyle
  • Charlie Boyle
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
Sara Heath
  • Sara Heath
  • Junior Software Engineer
Nicole Weldon
  • Nicole Weldon
  • Senior Vice President of Growth
Aaron Wertheim
  • Aaron Wertheim
  • Junior Software Engineer
Ryan Foley
  • Ryan Foley
  • Associate Director of Growth
Kate Lavin
  • Kate Lavin
  • Associate Director of Client Experience
Michelle Scimeca
  • Michelle Scimeca
  • Senior Associate, Client Experience
Austin Zimmerman
  • Austin Zimmerman
  • Director, Strategic Accounts
Zach Sisti
  • Zach Sisti
  • Junior Software Engineer
Chris Mitko
  • Chris Mitko
  • Senior Associate, Business Development
Pierce Ruppert
  • Pierce Ruppert
  • Senior Associate, Client Experience
Dan Benson
  • Dan Benson
  • Software Engineer
Owen Sorensen
  • Owen Sorensen
  • Senior Associate, Client Experience
Harry Quaid
  • Harry Quaid
  • Vice President of Growth
Jess Ohlson
  • Jess Ohlson
  • Director, Client Experience
James Ekdahl
  • James Ekdahl
  • Development Team Lead
Madison Snorek
  • Madison Snorek
  • Junior Graphic Designer
Jack Grossman
  • Jack Grossman
  • Associate Director of Growth
Chris Bennett
  • Chris Bennett
  • Director of Web Design and Development
Caitlin Kronkhe
  • Caitlin Kronkhe
  • Associate Director, Marketing Strategy
Anna Meline
  • Anna Meline
  • Associate Director, Client Experience
Caroline Wuerl
  • Caroline Wuerl
  • Graphic Designer
Keegan Kuhn
  • Keegan Kuhn
  • Founder and CTO
Krista Plemmons
  • Krista Plemmons
  • Office Manager
Alaina Cafaro
  • Alaina Cafaro
  • Senior Vice President of Operations

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