Let's End Vacancy

Vacancy is your most expensive line item. Let the RealtyAds Platform fix it for you.

100% of Students Are Online - Can You Afford Not to Be?

The RealtyAds Platform is specifically designed to help you reach students. What's more, our proprietary AI known as RITA™ optimizes your ad campaigns in real time. In all, this means more meaningful returns on less advertising spend.


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Why RealtyAds?

Marketing e-mails that don’t load on mobile. The wrong audience being reached. No direct outreach. We’re tired of it too.

The RealtyAds Platform uses AI (we call her RITA™) to handle all the work associated with launching and optimizing digital advertising campaigns so that you can focus on what you do best–student housing. With $30mm+ in software enabled ad spend under our belt and over 15 years experience in the real estate industry, we guarantee we can keep your building and vacancies top of mind to those that matter.


The RealtyAds Platform -- Get Empowered

RealtyAds Social

Fully automated Facebook, Google, Instagram & Snapchat mobile-first advertising campaigns. All you do is set a budget and our platform does the rest. Ads will appear in front of all relevant audiences.

RealtyAds Re-Engage

Your buildings, their favorite websites. Re-engage with students who have already visited your website or interacted with your social media presence by remarketing to them on the websites they visit most such as ESPN and Reddit.


Tired of your listing emails ending up in the “Deleted” folder? Reach students faster by launching property and vacancy specific advertising campaigns directly to all in-market students. RealtyAds’ clients are provided real time data on campaign performance and marketing ROI.


Want to know the percentage of students who signed a lease at your property also saw your online ads? Yep, we can do that. RealtyAds’ clients are provided real time data on campaign performance and marketing ROI using industry specific key performance indicators.


Have a group of students and want to stay on their radar? Specifically target them using the RealtyAds Platform. Where they go, your properties will be—ensuring your thought of when its time to move or renew.

Meet RITA™

RITA™ is RealtyAds proprietary AI that makes sure your marketing dollars are spent most effectively. RITA™ will track and monitor your campaigns in real time, learn where the most exposure is coming from, and instinctively allocate budget to those platforms.

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