Q3 2020 Feature Updates

Marketing Spend Analysis

Marketing Spend Analysis

The Marketing Spend Analysis was added to help clients easily assess the success, or potential shortcomings, of RealtyAds service compared to other marketing efforts. Simply answer 6 questions from a dropdown menu, and RITA will automatically generate valuable information to share with asset managers, brokers, and marketers.

Market Intelligence Report

Market Intelligence Report new

RealtyAds created the Market Intelligence report to help its clients gain a complete understanding of advertising trends in their market. This page contains useful information ranging from how other properties are reaching their targets to even what percentage of your market consumes marketing content via mobile versus desktop devices. The information can be used to not only shape your RealtyAds marketing efforts, but to advance the effectiveness of other advertising efforts as well.

Share, Review & Approve Ads

Streamlined Ad Approval new

Just created an ad and need approval from an asset manager or lead broker before launch? You are not alone! To help with this RealtyAds added a new button under “Ad Previews” that will allow you to share the ad with your team and await either approval or recommended feedback.

RealtyAds Google Chrome Extension

The RealtyAds Audience Builder Update

In RealtyAds first release of our proprietary Google Chrome extension, the RealtyAds Audience builder, we gave clients the power to readily target individuals online. We’ve now advanced the technology to allow our clients to quickly target end users, and specifically the decision makers at those companies, directly through the extension.

Notifications Feed

Notifications Feed new

RealtyAds is new and improving by the day. To help our clients stay apprised of new features, recommended optimizations to their ads, outstanding invoices, and more RealtyAds created a notification system within your dashboard.

Share Ads As LinkedIn Post

Share Paid Ads to Property’s LinkedIn Account new

Just created great content for your RealtyAds marketing efforts and want to share it on your property’s LinkedIn page? Now you can by clicking one button on the RealtyAds Dashboard which will then post your paid content to your property’s LinkedIn page as well. If RealtyAds is managing your pages, RITA will automatically post content.

New Lander Template

New, Free Website Template new

RealtyAds wants to help you balance your marketing costs between content creation and content distribution. One easy way to do that is to use the free property websites that come with any level of RealtyAds service. New themes were released this past quarter and in Q4 the RealtyAds team will be hard at work releasing even more.

Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Page Access

Connecting RealtyAds to Existing Social Media Accounts Update

As we see Landlords continue to invest in their online presence, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to link your RealtyAds marketing efforts to your existing social media accounts. This past quarter we updated this convoluted process to make it more streamlined and intuitive.

Individual Targeting

Individual Targeting – Page Enhancements Update

RealtyAds updated the look and feel of the individual targeting page. This refresh provided easier access to relevant information such as total audience size, the list’s last update, and who is in your target audience.

Company Targeting

Company Targeting – Page Enhancements Update

RealtyAds updated the look and feel of the company targeting page. This refresh provided easier access to relevant information such as total audience size, the list’s last update, and which companies are in your target audience. There’s even a quick add feature that auto-populates the names of firms you might be looking to input.

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