Head of Sales

Description: Help RealtyAds effectively plan, generate, and maintain revenue by overseeing every process that generates revenue in the organization.

About RealtyAds

RealtyAds is fundamentally reimagining how real estate assets and brands communicate with the market.

With over 540 million square feet of assets across 95 markets, the RealtyAds SaaS marketing platform uses artificial intelligence to help real estate generate exposure to a hyper-targeted audience, at a fair price and without complexity. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Chicago, RealtyAds is building a team that is fixated on revolutionizing one of America’s largest, yet slowest to adapt, industries. Some customers include CBRE, Tishman Speyer, and Brookfield.

What’s more, we’re just getting started. This is your chance to join our team as we scale and execute on our mission to be real estate’s cheapest, most effective communication medium.

Day to Day Responsibilities
  • Assemble quarterly and annual sales projections for company leadership
  • Help recruit, onboard, train, and manage key personnel required to accomplish RealtyAds sales objectives
  • Build and initiate a clear sales process, outlining key responsibilities for RealtyAds personnel and departments
  • Work with Team Leads to coordinate and build on existing customer relationships
  • Meet with customers to further clarify RealtyAds value proposition and expand relationship, striving to always exceed customer expectations
  • Institute clear parameters for business development representatives, ensuring no gaps exist in RealtyAds go to market strategy
  • Train team on new features, their benefits to RealtyAds customers, and how to effectively communicate the benefits to the market
  • Work with marketing to optimize sales materials, making sure all messaging is consistent and relevant to market needs
  • Help establish and monitor OKRs for all sales team members
  • Work with engineering to guarantee customer feedback is being instituted into RealtyAds product

Foundational Expectations & Requirements
  • Minimum 5 years of sales leadership experience
  • Oversee weekly meetings with sales to provide appropriate direction and support
  • Demonstrated ability to operate in team setting, putting the customer’s need ahead of any individual performance
  • Follow the golden rule at all times

Meetings & Reviews
  • Participate in weekly company meetings with engineering, marketing, and sales
  • Run quarterly sales meetings, outlining company performance relative to goals
  • Administer semi-annual performance reviews for all sales personnel
  • Meet quarterly with RealtyAds President to discuss sales performance, pipeline, and needs

If you’re interested in this position, please use the link below to inquire.

If you're interested in this position, please use the link below to send an email to careers@realtyads.com with your resume attached.